Presentation Mastery Workshop

Hello! I'm Melissa Boher Jacobson!  

Do you want  to bring your leadership, message

and inspiration to the world with confidence, comfort and authority?  Let's get it done. Together. 

What if you could speak with leadership, authority and utter confidence?  Even if you fear speaking or aren't sure what to say?  What would your life or business be like if you felt totally confident delivering a captivating signature presentation?  What if you felt more and more powerful and confident every time you are called upon to speak?

Melissa Boher Jacobson

"You deserve to own your authority, leadership and confidence! Let's do it."

I felt so empowered after working with Melissa. I didn't realize how much I needed her until I worked with her - Thank G-d I did!  She helped me prepare to speak on a panel for  a conference put on by Facebook. I was slightly terrifed but after working with Melissa it not only went really well, but after my speech I was completely surrounded by people begging me to work with them! 

Jennifer Fisk Ruyak, Social Media Consultant

Are you ready to discover your unique, magnetic message, craft a mesmerizing presentation, and learn the secrets to delivering presentations that inspire your audience,  sell products and services from the stage, and become more confident and powerful with every presentation you give? 


During this Six-Session Experience You  Will: 

Master Your Speaking Mindset

Transform Speaking Anxiety into Excitement

Uncover Your Unique Story and Brand Message 

Craft an Unforgettable, Compelling Presentation

Master the Power of  Body Language

Learn to Use Audience Psychology To Your Advantage


Create Customized Length Versions of Your Speech


Master the Most Effective and Powerful Presentation Techniques

Receive Positive, Uplifting Feedback Sessions

Master the Technical Side of Speaking

Learn How to Generate Income from Speaking

Learn Where to Find Speaking Opportunities

Learn Powerful Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Signature Speech Online

Learn to Sell Your Products and Services from The Stage

Jennifer Foster,
SmartPlan Investments

Meet Your Coach 

Melissa Boher Jacobson, is a successful, six-figure entrepreneur, and confidence and self-esteem expert with over 18 years of  coaching experience and training ,combining psychology, performing arts coaching, and Rapid Transformational Therapy techniques.  Using positive, uplifting and scientific techniques, Melissa has helped countless performers and speakers discover how to overcome anxiety, fear, and blocks, and transform into confident successful communicators, speakers, performers and peopl​e.   


Her career has included performing, producing, directing and creating public relations and marketing campaigns, as well as giving and writing hundreds of speeches, presentations,  for herself and for thousands of students of all ages and career levels, from working with legendary performers like Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson, Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and even children.

Here's The Juicy Deets:

Session 1: Mindset Magic

We'll address your mindset around speaking, from a psychological, physical and biological standpoint, learn how to turn anxiety into excitement, and transform you into a confident, powerful leader. 

Session 4: Powerful Presentation Skills

Get the inside scoop on specific skills you need to speak with authority, and polish, and captivate any audience from the moment you enter the room.

Session 2:  Crafting Your Ideal, Authentic Story and Brand Message

Together, we'll drill down to your unique, authentic story, craft a compelling message that resonates and aligns immediately and resoundingly with your ideal client or customer. 

Session 5: Reaching Customers 

Through Video

Get confident creating compelling live, prepared and Youtube Videos to attract your ideal customers and build like, know and trust factor that sells your products and services for you. 

Session 3:  Creating Your

Signature Speech 

Now that we know your authentic and ideal story, its time to create your actual presentation, as well as how to repurpose it for networking events, short speeches and trainings. 

Time to perform for each other, and receive positive suggestions and techniques to put it all together and claim your place as a powerful, compelling speaker and leader.

Session 6: Feedback Sessions

And Of Course There are Bonuses...

Training Video;

Practice Techniques

How to Effectively Practice Your Presentation and Networking Commercials so You Can Be Prepared and Confident 

Let's Talk Tech:

Checklist of Helpful,

Stress Saving Gadgets and Apps to Make Your Videos Stress Free and Easy

1:1 45 -Minute Coaching Session With Melissa ($150 Value)


"I would HIGHLY

suggest  presentation coaching session with Melissa, she was amazing today with us. Far more than I expected. Thank you

Melissa Boher Jacobson"

Jennifer Foster, Smart Plan Investments

"Melissa is such a

helpful resource to improve presentation skills, and how to feel comfortable public speaking and doing Facebook Live videos.  

Thank you Melissa!"


Lori Axler, Brand You

"Melissa is an incredible resource. She is an inspiring and entertaining speaker and coach, and has helped me and my group immensely."


Michelle Weinstein Locke

Fine Living Realty

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Q: Where will this bootcamp take place?

A: Right in the comfort of your own home or office via the Zoom video meeting format.


Q: What if I can't make a session?

A: No Worries - All sessions will be recorded for you to watch whenever you like!


Q: How many people will participate?

A: In order to maximize the benefit enrollment will be limited to 10 participants.


Q: Will I get feedback on my speech and performance?

A: Heck yes! You will get feedback and it will be recorded so you can watch it and use it for practice.


Q: Can you help me with my nerves?

A: Not only will I help you with your nerves, you will discover that you can transform your nerves into

     power and excitement.

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 Price $397



Mondays 7:30-9 pm

 February 24-March 30, 2020

Melissa Boher Jacobson, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner/Confident Performance Coaching
Jupiter, FL  and the World 561-270-5808

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