Empowered, Successful Interviews!


  • Presentation skills that portray you as confident, capable, and likeable.

  • Techniques to portray yourself as an asset to the company or program you are interviewing for.

  • Learn how to handle unexpected or difficult interview questions without losing your composure or getting thrown off.

  • Master the art of making adrenaline and nerves empower, instead of derail, your interviews.

  • Learn exactly what to do before, during and after interviews to maximize your preparation, success, and networking. 

  • Recieve honest, yet supportive, positive feedback to maximize your responses, presentation and appearance. 

  • Learn how to master the art of conversational, confident responses, that show you at your best, without looking, feeling or sounding stiff, scripted or phony.  

  • Learn to distinguish different forms of questions, and how to answer each with skill and complete assurance. 

  • Rehearse your interviews with an expert, instead of avoiding preparation because its too overwhelming, and become more confident and empowered with every single interview. 

Interviews are inevitable, unavoidable fact of life. Even students in elementary school and high school are frequently required to interview for special or high stakes programs and schools.


Despite all the opportunities there are to experience interviews, they remain of the most challenging and nerve-racking tasks we have in life. Great interviews require a complex set of skills that are barely if ever covered in traditional educational settings.  


Many executives have stories about the lack of interview skills they see, even at the highest levels of business.  In order to succeed at interviews, especially in today's competitive environment, you need to be not only qualified, but you need to learn  how to present your qualifications with cool, calm, confidence, ownership, charisma and preparation. Sounds overwhelming already, doesn't it? IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE.  With the right coaching, exercises, and consistent, simple techniques, you CAN ACE YOUR INTERVIEWS. That's what I'm here to help you with!  

With Confident Communication Skills Interview Coaching you will learn life-long skills that will take you from interview to interview throughout your career! No matter where you are in your career, whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur presenting a proposal, an administrator, assistant, attorney, pre-med student, entry-level candidate, or a student, EVERYONE needs to PRACTICE INTERVIEW SKILLS in a SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE WAY THAT gets IMMEDIATE RESULTS.  With Empowered Interviews, you will receive customized training in:

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