​​ Are you ready to rock your business, your product or services, but are stuck in TECH OVERWHELM?


I spent years overcoming my technology overwhelm!  Now, I'm READY to help YOU QUICKLY, SIMPLY and ECONOMICALLY get your online and offline marketing materials DONE, so you can get on with your business NOW, even if you have no idea where to begin, or how to create what         need.  GET READY TO GET DOWN TO BUSINESS AND:

         Get Over Anxiety Around  Using Technology


           Get Clear on How You Serve Your Clients and Customers


           Your Ideal Clients and How to Reach Them

           Create Live and Prepared Video to Direclty Attract Your Ideal Client

           Create Great Optins that People Want 

           Learn Easy Ways to Grow Your Client and Email List

           Learn How to Use Facebook Groups and Social Media to Organically Grow Your                    Customer List

           Easily, Quickly and Economically Create Business Cards and

           Other Marketing Materials

           Create a Quick, Beautiful Website that you can update quickly



           Create Business Materials like Business Cards

           Effectively Master Presentation and Speaking Skills Online and In Person

           So You Can Sell Your Products and Services At Networking and Business Events

           Kick Nerves to the Curb So They Never Derail or Distract You Again


           Quickly and Easily Write and Create Your Speech/Presentation

Melissa Boher Jacobson, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner/Confident Performance Coaching
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