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Public Speaking and Presentations

Presenting and public speaking both live and

online is vital to success in today's marketplace, but can be uncomfortable or even terrifying, especially for those who are more at ease with technology than with presenting to an audience.  In this workshop, we

unmask the biology behind the fear of public speaking, and learn effective techniques and strategies to not only conquer fear and anxiety, but learn the core skills and mindset required to  master public speaking and presentations skills, captivate an audience, and

deliver the most effective messages to get the

sale or serve the needs of your clients.

Speech and Presentation Training

For Groups and Corporations


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Eliminating Social Anxiety That Gets In The Way of Productivity At Work

Working effectively with both co-workers and clients requires mastery of rapport and relationship building. Many people experience anxiety around social interactions, which affects their ability to be productive and effective in team situations and with clients. This is caused by a combination of thought patterns and physiological responses that are hard-wired into our brains and bodies.   In this workshop we break down both the physiological and psychological reasons we experience this anxiety, and learn how to eliminate these social anxieties and fears through a series of exercises and technique that address and eliminate social anxiety and fears.  Specifically, this workshop will focus on mindset,  and thought shifting exercises that that will transform the experience of interacting with co-workers and clients from an uncomfortable and stressful experience to one of comfort, confidence and rapport. 

Effective and Comfortable

Communication Across Cultures

In today's global marketplace, technology allows us to interact with clients across the globe.  In order to build effective business relationships, it is crucial that staff understand the ways culture affects communication.  The ways in which people communicate verbally and non-verbally as well as their behavioral and emotional norms can be vastly different depending on their culture and country.  Having an understanding of basic cultural differences can enhance the productivity of meetings, save time, and allow staff to better serve the needs of their international clients.  In this workshop, we learn how to minimize communication issues by learning about the various communication, behavioral and emotional styles of international cultures. 



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