Empowered Speaking for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Are you an entrepreneur or executive looking to achieve confidence, authority and success, master the art of speaking and presenting AND: ​






If so, this 1:1 program is FOR YOU!  

This series of powerful 1:1 coaching sessions, delivered in a simple, effective format, will transform your speaking experience forever. Confident Communication Coach Melissa Boher Jacobson guides you through  a thorough, complete system of techniques designed to give you the power to captivate and engage audiences with authority and presence, AS WELL AS empower you to communicate with more confidence on every level, including Sales Calls and Pitches, Presentations, Digital and Online Presentations and more.  



You Will Learn: 

  • Audience Engagement 

  • Clear and Compelling Messaging in Creating and Presenting 

  • Empowering Your Speaking Voice 

  • Empowering Your Adrenaline and Kicking Nerves to the Curb

  • Essential Skills - Be Seen,  Heard and Understood

  • Using Emotion to Create an Unforgettable Message

  • The Power of Non-Verbal Communication: Posture, Body Language, Movement and Gestures

  • Storytelling and Anecdotes

  • Nuts and Bolts:  Powerful Powerpoint and Technical Mastery

  • Scan and Grab: Using Notes and Still Captivating Your Audience 

  • Memorization Mastery

  • Shoot From the Hip: Confident Impromptu Speaking

  • Handling Questions with Power and Confidence

  • Captivating and Grabbing  Your Audience From the Start

  • Unforgettable Endings that Stay with An Audience Long After Your Speech Ends


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Coaching Packages

This program features 1:1 instruction with Confident Communication Coach Melissa Boher Jacobson in person or via Skype or Zoom.  Coaching Packages  include 10 hours of private 1:1 instruction to be used within for 6 months. Coaching can be scheduled any way you like, whether weekly or during a one or two-day intensive.​  Coaching packages can include writing your presentation, video evaluation, email access between sessions, mock presentations and written feedback. 

  • Quickly and Effectively Master and Up-level  your Presentation and Speaking Skills

  • Kick Nerves to the Curb So They Never Derail or Distract You Again

  • Give Compelling, Engaging and Empowering Presentations?​

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