Melissa Boher Jacobson, Confident Life & Performance Coach

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

What if you could be rid of negative self-talk, numbing fear and constant doubt,  and  release the incredible, confident, successful and capable person you know is trapped inside you? Using positive, uplifting and scientific techniques, I have helped countless performers and speakers discover how to overcome anxiety, fear and blocks and transform into confident, successful communicators, speakers, performers and people, over the last 18 years.  Having had so much incredible success, I decided to bring this transformation to people outside the speaking and performing arts realm, and received my certification as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Life Coach. I now empowers people of all ages to rapidly and permanently overcome issues, and  achieve success in life, business, sports and the arts.  Rapid Transformational Therapy is highly effective at rapidly, easily and permanently overcoming  issues like:

Feeling Stuck
Self Esteem and Confidence
Success Blocks
Fears and Phobias
Overcome Unwanted Habits
Weight Loss
and more

Using my own techniques combined with the power of RTT, I work with my clients to discover the subconscious origin of issues that are blocking them from achieving the results they want in life.  Once we discover the origin of an issue, we work together to create and replace outdated beliefs with thoughts, feelings and actions that allow them  to achieve their goals and live the lives they desire.  

I work with individuals privately, in groups, in person or remotely using SKYPE or ZOOM. 

​ Like most effective coaches, my own struggles with confidence and self-esteem, coupled with years of experience working and learning from my students, have helped me craft a highly effective system of life changing technique to rapidly and overcome issues.  In addition, my career has included performing, producing, directing and creating public relations and marketing campaigns, as well as giving and writing hundreds of speeches, presentations,  not only for myself but for thousands of students of all ages and career levels, from working with legendary performers like Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson, Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller to working with kindergartners on how to overcome stage fright.
Some fun facts about me:

I still sing professionally, and love performing songs by Judy Garland.

I'm addicted to lipstick.  
I've written an album of children's music called French Fries and Giggles.


Melissa Boher Jacobson, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner/Confident Performance Coaching
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