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How Can I Help My Kids With Bullying?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

As a hypnotherapist who specializes in confidence and self esteem for kids, this is a question I get asked often. There is no doubt bullying is a major cause of stress in children. A parent recently called me asking me how I could help her child deal with bullies taunting her child in school. She was understandably anxious to help her child. She asked me impatiently, “what would you tell him to say or do?” She was surprised and silenced by my answer. Step 1: Take action to give the child unshakeable INNER confidence and self esteem. Bullies like easy targets and confident kids are not easy marks. Step 2: Teach the child that they DO NOT need to internalize negative things others say to them. With unshakeable self worth they are indifferent to what others say, and their self worth stays intact. They have no need to react to taunting, so bullies get nothing out of them, and move on. Step 3: Teach them they are in control of their thoughts and feelings. They do not have to let anything in. They can learn that no one can reject you unless you let them. I call this rejecting rejection. When children have unshakeable inner confidence, refuse to let teasing or taunting in, and understand how to control their OWN thoughts and feelings, they are empowered, and bullies have NO POWER over them.

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