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Is Physical Exhaustion Just Part of Getting Older?

Are you feeling chronically drained and exhausted? Perhaps you have accepted the struggle. 

"Maybe it's just part of getting older." 

What if you could restore your energy and vitality without taking more pills, or even going to the gym? 

What if the cause of your exhaustion, ill health and stress is something else altogether?

Harboring resentments, and carrying and trying to avoid the emotion of past traumas, while trying to cope using things like distractions, people pleasing, rebelling, avoidance, staying busy hypervigilance, substance abuse, fear, anxiety, and self sabotage, is costing you, draining you of life force and energy. 

Without realizing it, most people are operating at a tremendous ENERGY DEFICIT.

The costs show up in:





Physical Well Being

Peace and Well Being

Tme For Leisure



In my Permanent Change Protocol ™ program, my clients have gotten the most fantastic permanent change results and they are experiencing freedom, energy and clarity, beyond their wildest expectations. For example:

  • 43 year old dad of 3 is not only freed from alcohol dependency, he has zero anxiety, tremendous improvement in relationship with wife and teen daughter, and now approaches life's challenges with calm and clarity, humor and energy

  • Business Owner/Mom of 5 turned Procrastination, Fear and Overwhelm into Clarity, Calm, Productivity and Best Days, Connection with G-d, better relationship with self and children, more business, more delegation, and better response to stress without illness.

  • Mom of 4 has Restored Self Esteem, Self Care and Freedom to Move Past and Forward from Toxic Narcissistic Marriage and reports going from JUST EXISTING TO LIVING, experiencing more mental peace, BACK PAIN GONE, better parenting, freedom from rumination, indifference to toxic narcissist shenanigans. SHE IS CONNECTING MORE WITH HER CHILDREN AND THEY ARE CONNECTING MORE TO EACH OTHER.

This program is about many things, but especially reducing COSTS.

 Harboring old (or new) resentments costs YOU.

Reliving old emotions from past events costs YOU.

Even if you think you “have it under control.”

Even if it “doesn’t bother you ANYMORE.”


Imagine if there was a way you could defang all that old outdated negative emotion, and live life FREE to truly enjoy every moment of this ONE life we have?

What if, as a result, you could restore energy, vitality, clarity and improved health, instead of gradually depleting your energy and vitality, thinking its “just the way it is,” or “just getting older.”

You CAN.

Frankly, you SHOULD.

Because there is MUCH more to life than you are living.

DRAINING you of life force, energy and health, whether you REALIZE IT OR NOT.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am about giving my clients CHANGE, NOT maintenance.

If you are ready for CHANGE, FREEDOM and RESTORED ENERGY, get on my calendar at

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