I'm so happy to tell you that the work we did on interviewing paid off - I start work tomorrow and I am so happy!  


- Oksana Bisno

I enjoyed your presentation immensely today.

You are a pro and

it shows. Thank you for coming in and enlightening all of us.

Hope to see you around sometime!


- Dr. Liz Morin
  Excel Chiropractic

I would HIGHLY suggest scheduling a presentation coaching session with Melissa, she was amazing today with us. Far more than I expected. Thank you Melissa Boher Jacobson


- Jennifer Foster

  SmartPlan Investments

"Melissa is such a helpful resource for adults and children looking to improve their presentation skills. She showed my networking group of small business owners how to feel comfortable public speaking and doing Facebook Live videos. Melissa also helped my daughter improve her communication skills and feel confident for her Bak Middle School audition by teaching her essential speaking and writing techniques. Thank you Melissa!"


- Lori Axler, Brand You

We are so happy that Ali was accepted to Bak for Communications! We know your preparation allowed her to walk into the audition with confidence and assurance - thank you so much!


- Lisa DelPrete

Thank you so much for coaching Peter for the Communication Department at Bak MSOA - he got in! He couldn't have done it without you!


- Helen Hoogtrap

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