Public Speaking? Many Would Rather Die!


Hello, and welcome to the Speaking Voice Success blog! My name is Melissa Boher Jacobson, your Speaking Voice Success Coach!  I have been coaching people one on one for over 20 years in how to optimally present, teach, sell,  do a webinar, youtube video or podcast, nail a job or college interview or even successfully audition for a performing arts program or college!  Its pretty well kown that for most people, speaking in public, whether teaching in front of a class, presenting a class project, doing a business presentation or seminar or even a podcast or webinar is so terrifying, they'd sooner face their maker!  There are lots of reasons for this, fear of what other people think, fear of making a mistake, "stage fright," etc.  I can assure you, if you know the right techniques, anyone can be comfortable and confident speaking in front of an audience of any size.  Its just a matter of knowing the right tools and skills, and getting enough practice so that they become second nature.  Through this blog, website, webinars, podcasts, and videos, and one on one coaching,  I promise you, will not only embrace public speaking, but you will gain confidence in every other interaction in your life.  Our techniques are fast, fun and effective!  Join us for the ride, by subscribing to this blog and our email list - I promise, no humans will be harmed!

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