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About My Work

Life Coaching and Self Improvement are wonderful, but all too often, people find themselves returning to their old patterns. This is because the work is done only on a conscious level, and does not address the underlying, often unknown, “operating system” in the subconscious that is hard-wired to return us to what is familiar. This is why New Year’s Resolutions are so hard to keep!  Our subconscious is responsible for 95% of our thoughts, and is a powerful database of all our experiences, beliefs and memories.  As children, we have experiences that we interpret into beliefs, and those outdated beliefs stay with us into adulthood.









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We may be very successful, but feel empty or less than, no matter how successful we may appear to be, due to our subconscious beliefs from childhood.    We may desperately want to change a bad or dangerous habit, but we cannot make ourselves, and will power gives out over time, because we are not addressing the issues at the subconscious level. 
This is why Rapid Transformational Therapy is so powerful.  Using a unique combination of life coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy, a blend of Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I work with my clients on both a conscious and a subconscious level, to discover the root cause of issues that are blocking them from achieving the results they want in life.  Once we discover the origin of an issue, we work together to create and replace outdated beliefs with thoughts, feelings and actions that allow them to achieve their goals and live the lives they desire.  

Rapid Transformational Therapy is highly effective at rapidly, easily, and permanently overcoming issues like:
   •     Feeling Stuck
   •     Overwhelm
   •     Self Esteem and Confidence
   •     Success Blocks
   •     Procrastination
   •     Fears and Phobias
   •     Overcome Unwanted Habits
   •     Weight Los
   •     and more
Thanks to modern technology,  I am able to work with individuals world-wide, privately, in groups, in person or remotely using SKYPE or ZOOM. 
20 Years
Coaching Experience
Remote Sessions
Anywhere, Anytime
Rapid, Permanent Results

Mission & Vision

I have often said I am in business to change the world.  My mission is to use the powerful effective combined techniques of Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy to rapidly and permanently free people to live the lives they truly desire, without limitations from the past, freeing people’s minds of all that keeps them stuck socially, emotionally, mentally and physically, so they can live with success, happiness and, yes, FREEDOM.
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