Dr. Estelle Tsalik on How Confident Life Coaching and  Hypnotherapy has strengthened her business and her life.
Entrepreneur Desiree Lancaster describes her work with Melissa 
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Business Owner Gianna Campo gets her mojo back after a rough year and restores confidence in her business, sales and her life.
Tara discusses how her teen and entire family were forever freed from debilitating anxiety and low self esteem.
Entrepreneur describes how her life has changed after working with Melissa.
Rena describes how her life and her family  began to improve after just a few weeks of working with Melissa.  
Realtor and Business Owner Martha Viera Parsons Discusses the Impact Working With Melissa has had on her life.  
Physician, Entrepreneur, Human Design and Astrology Consultant talks about how she was freed from being stuck.
Sebastian talks about how hypnotherapy changed his limiting behaviors, blocks and how he felt he disappeared. To an incredible transformation, which has allowed all of his no's turn into yes's!