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What to Do When Kids Refuse to Give Up Their Phone, Tablet or Laptop

Have you been experiencing a lot of misbehavior with your kids, when it comes to devices?


For the last several weeks, I have spoken to so many parent clients about this issue, in my capacity as a confident life coach and clinical hypnotherapist that specializes in kids, families, and teens.


Parents are feeling at a loss, exhausted and frustrated, with kids refusing to give up their devices when asked, getting angry and even aggressive or violent when their devices are taken from them. 


This is a problem for many parents, and leaves them feeling out of control of their kids, and frankly it’s not good for the kids either.


It’s important to get control back or the fighting and emotions will continue to escalate with more and more stress and chaos in the home.


When we successfully limit or even eliminate device use, kids themselves feel more in control, there is better behavior,  more family connection and better relationships  and communication between kids and parents.


I decided to create a video to teach you one option that I have been teaching my clients to help them regain control. 

If you would like to know more about how I work with kids and families and individual, get on a free consult with me at and be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel here for more tips and trips on how to overcome unwanted issues and have more success and control.

For the last 24 years I have helped thousands of people of all ages free themselves of unwanted issues. These are people who want success in their lives and simply need to remove the barriers that keep them stuck or that are holding them back. Things like anxiety, procrastination, insomnia, unwanted habits, fears, phobias, and more. Check out my testimonials and find out more about me at

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