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The New Way to Get Rapid, Permanent Relief From Unwanted Issues That Other Methods Have Failed to Solve

How to Get  Real, Permanent Change In Your LIfe
Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

  • What is Hypnotherapy?

  • How Is it Different Than Traditional Therapy?​

  • Why Does Hypnotherapy Work So Effectively on Anxiety, Self Esteem, Procrastination, Motivation, Health and More?

  • Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

  • Why Is Hypnotherapy Rapid and Permanent?

  • And more in this Free Video

Who Are We

What People Say

"Emma just can't say enough about you.  She is so glad we found you and she tells everyone about how working with you has changed EVERYTHING for her.  She says working with you has transformed her confidence so much!"

-Karen Brown

"I truly cannot say enough about this wonderful woman, coach and mentor. Melissa Boher Jacobson is a natural at helping children and adults connect with their inner voice in order to express it in the most efficient way. A true guru and talent." Lisa D., Jupiter, FL

"I went to Melissa to overcome Social Anxiety and become more confident as a musician.  As a result of working with Melissa, I now am much more relaxed in social settings.  My relationship and communication with my wife have improved, and I find I am able to perform with more confidence. I even had a recent interview where for the first time I found myself feeling completely confident and relaxed." David A,Nurse/Musician

The quality of my life has honestly just improved overall. I feel relaxed and confident, and I feel invigorated. I can't thank you enough, Melissa. I feel more awake, aware of my ability, more confident in myself to achieve whatever I want in my life.  Before working with you, I felt anxious, unsure, and nervous that I would not be able to rise to the occasion. Life felt more complex.  What you do is very effective, and I highly recommend others do it.  It is so eye-opening, once you do it.  I wish I had done it so much sooner" - AB, 16-year old Student

After working with Melissa to overcome sadness, depression, and anxiety, I now feel confident and excited about my future. My stress levels and anxiety are at an all-time low. This worked really well! I feel really good about myself and confident about my ability to take on difficult tasks.  It worked rapidly and I enjoyed the recording.  It's crazy how effective this is. You wake up one day and you are thinking completely differently.  I highly recommend this. Give it a shot!!! , Kerry M. 16-year old Student.

I had tension about taking exams.  I first had a session on knowing I am enough which allowed me to overcome insecurities. After the second session, I was authentically confident about taking exams and earned a 92% on my cybersecurity final exam!  I now release all tension on taking exams. Melissa is trustworthy. I love Melissa’s caring and nurturing spirit, and how she made me feel SAFE. Wendi Brown

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