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How a 6th Grader Went From "No One Likes Me" and I Have No Friends to 13 New Friends In One Week

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

When asked to write down their self beliefs, one of our confidence club middle schoolers wrote down that she was not smart, and would never make it in life. She also believed no one liked her.

After participating in our program, her belief changed, to say the least.

She wrote down she was going to be a plastic surgeon. She then was accepted as one of 32 kids out of 600 applicants for a medical magnet program.

In addition, she made 13 new friends in her new school, using the techniques she had learned in Confidence Club, in addition to the two friends she made in the Club.

All kids deserve to be excited and confident about their present and their future. This is what Confidence Clubs are all about.

Here is what we WILL LEARN in Confidence Club: Why You Never Have to Feel Bad About Yourself Because of Someone Else's Bad Behavior or Mean Comments How to make friends easily and effortlessly, even on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL How to Make People Like You, Using Facial Expressions, Body Language and Your Voice How to Change Negative Beliefs About Yourself The Icky, Uncomfortable Art of Introducing Yourself How to Handle Bullies The Definition of Bullying How to Safely Intervene When Witnessing Bullying How to Treat Yourself Like You Do A Friend - With Kindness, Compassion, Understanding and Love How to Talk to Yourself to Build Unshakeable Self Esteem... and on and on.

No matter where you live, even if it is across the world, Please get on a call or go to o find out more about Confidence Club. We have both in person and remote options.

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