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Can loneliness, lack of connection and community increase risk of depression for middle schoolers?

One of the leading causes of depression is lack of community and connection.

This is why I teach my pre-teen and teen clients how to connect, make friends, and step by step, how to make plans with friends, after giving them a foundation of self esteem.

This 5-day, fun-filled half-day camp, led by Confident Life Coach, Melissa Boher Jacobson, features activities, games, and projects designed to instill unshakeable self esteem and confidence!

Each day will focus on a theme, including:

Monday: Making and Keeping Friendships

a) How to Be Confident Even When You Don't Know Anyone

b) How To Make New Friends Easily

c) How to Make Plans to Be With Friends

Tuesday: Confident Choices - How to Be True to Yourself When Dealing With Peers

Wednesday: Bully Proofing - Effective, Empowering. and Confidence Building Techniques to Deal With Bullies

Thursday: Stress and Anxiety Management Strategies

Friday: Celebrating You! Fun Self Care and Celebration!

When, Where and How:

When: Monday - Friday,July 31-August 4, 2023, 9 am - 12 pm

Where: Confident Performance Coaching Studio, 860 US Hwy. 1, Suite 111, North Palm Beach

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