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Teens and Young Adults with Panic Attacks and Fear of Death

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Working with many clients in their teens and twenties, an issue that frequently and understandably comes up, is panic attacks associated with fear of death. It's common for young people to have this fear. However, the past year and a half has exacerbated this, as death has become an even stark and common reality for many young people, rather than a fearful abstract. Death is hard to understand. It is a great and fearful unknown. Fear of the unknown can cause stress, anxiety and fear of death can be a major source of panic attacks. Panic attacks are part of the flight or fight response and our minds way of trying to protect us, bracing us for what comes next in the future. Panic attacks are a form of hypervigilance. However, they ruin both our future and our present. I have freed many clients of panic attacks of death, getting to the root by getting to the root cause of the fear, and replacing it with effective beliefs and coping skills that allow us to stay, live in and enjoy the present, rather than hypervigilant panic attacks. No one can control the future. However, we can control our beliefs and our thoughts and have a healthy present and future free of panic attacks. Want more info? Get your questions with a free consult at

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