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Being Productive Running a Family AND a Business is NOT Easy

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

You have a great idea for a business that will bring your family more money, more freedom. You feel excited, ambitious and full of hope…but…somehow, you just cannot get anything done.

You love your family, but there is always someone that needs something, and your business to-do list keeps getting way-laid. Before you know it, the day has gone, and you are exhausted. Your excitement and hope shrink, along with your motivation.

You start to feel overwhelmed and stuck. Negative, catastrophic thoughts invade your mind. Self-doubt starts to devour your dream. You start to feel as if you are losing sight of who you are, who you want to be. Guilt and resentment swirl, and you feel lost.

You are not alone. My client, Rena, felt just like you. When she reached out to me, as a single mom of three, she not only wanted, but desperately needed to balance her life, her family and her business.

Fortunately within a few weeks of our work together, her life changed dramatically, for the better. Suddenly her kids were being self-sufficient, she was feeling balanced and confident, her website was up, she started making sales in her new business, she was sleeping well and standing up for herself.

She wanted a a beautiful life for herself and her kids, and that is exactly what is happening for her now.

You CAN DO IT too.

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