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How to Overcome Fear of Flying

You can overcome fear of flying
How to Overcome Fear of Flying

n my 23-years as a Confident Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Flying Anxiety is a common issue that I've helped many clients overcome.

One of the strategies I use to to dissolve Flying Anxiety is actually found in the free first class of the Dissolve Anxiety Protocol™, which you can access for yourself by CLICKING HERE, as well as other very powerful strategies that you will find in the Dissolve Anxiety Protocol™ course. 

I have even helped people who are not my clients, such as a young girl who was terrified waiting for a flight at an airport that I was at recently.

Her look of amazement was priceless when I quickly showed her the strategies, and her fear of flying disappeared within literally seconds, replaced by feeling calm and in control.

The strategy that you'll find in the Dissolve Anxiety Protocol™ class is great to use:

  •  Before or During a Flight

  • During Turbulence

  • While Landing

  • During any kind of travel where disordered anxiety creeps in

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