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The Lies We Believe That Cause Anxiety

There are some commonly held truths that are actually LIES.

These beliefs actually mire people in anxiety, poor self worth, and constant stress in their life simply because of a commonly held belief that they have been taught is true, but are ACTUALLY NOT A THING.

I’m going to identify some of these “truths” that are actually damaging lies, but before I do that, for those that don’t know me, my name is Melissa Boher Jacobson, and for the past 22 years, I’ve been coaching people in overcoming a multitude of unwanted issues, including those involving relationships, children and families.

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These seemingly true beliefs that are actually lies often center around protecting oneself from rejection and failure, however, like most faulty beliefs, they HURT us instead of helping us.

They are all thought habits that we may have been taught or had for a long time, that keep us stuck, unhappy, anxious and full of second guessing and self doubt.

These are all beliefs that can seem very true, but are actually FALSE. Recently one of my younger clients revealed HER commonly held belief:

“If I do not try hard or avoid giving something my all I will protect myself from disappointment or “feeling bad.”

Here is some of other seemingly “true” beliefs that are actually false.

“Confidence comes from what other people say or think about you.”

“I can only feel good about myself if my body and appearance look a certain way.”

“You should always prepare for the worst.”

“The more you own the more happy and confident you will feel.”

“If you get low grades you are a failure and a low achiever and will NEVER amount to anything.”

“I am just the kind of person that cannot…..”

“I NEED to do this activity or take this substance to feel better.”

One of the most powerful ways I help clients is finding these faulty beliefs, and permanently rewiring them with thoughts and beliefs that replace lingering self doubt, anxiety and dread about the future with a permanent sense of confidence, phenomenal coping skills and feeling in control of what they want and do in their lives.

Here are some examples of client success stories:

  • A C-Suite Executive overcomes debilitating anxiety and insomnia and goes on to handle one of the biggest crises of their career effortlessly.

  • A CEO overcomes success blocks around public speaking and learns to trust themselves to ace high profile interviews with confidence and ease.

  • A physician and entrepreneur overcomes trauma from the past so she can launch her new business with complete confidence, and cope with any challenge.

  • A financial advisor and her partner successfully find their life purpose careers, lose 20 pounds, rebuild their relationship and ensure their financial future in careers they LOVE not hate.

These are ALL my clients. They invested in themselves and it was rapidly and permanently LIFE-CHANGING.

I can do this for YOU. It's time to let go of those old issues that have been weighing you DOWN.

If you are ready for some major changes in your life, get on my calendar now for a free consult at

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